How to pick it?

A few days back, I was talking to someone about Mohan (the actor) and ended up wondering what was my favorite Mohan song. It is a very difficult question whose difficulty is enhanced when the SPB-Ilayaraja filter is applied. First, there is ‘Ilaya Nila’ where the Flute sways in harmony with the Electric and Bass Guitars in the second interlude. Then, we have ‘Sangeetha Megam’ which is one of those Raja songs which gives you so much joy even in the first listen. Thinking of joy, there is the legendary ‘Paatu Thalaivan Paadinal’ where SPB’s singing of the Pallavi matches the drunken antics of Mohan that lead to the song.

And it was not only the happy songs. There’s so much melancholy in say a ‘Nilaave Vaa’ which portrays the dynamics of the Mohan-Revathy marriage. She is the ‘Nila’ (the distant moon) and he sings in yearning for her. Then, we have the legendary ‘Pyaasa’ tribute ‘Naan Paadum Mouna Raagam’ and the tragic ‘Vaigariyil Vaigai Karayil’.

Overall it is really hard to zero in one song from this trio. Hence, I came up with the following shortcut which is one of the very few songs that Yesudas sung for Mohan. This is one of those songs where you don’t need any instruments and the tune will hold up on its own. Don’t let the video spoil your experience of the song and if you do make it till the end, there is S. Janaki singing like a child! 🙂


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