UB Theory Weekly – Week 27

Hi all,

The 27th Theory Weekly Meeting will happen this Friday (i.e tomorrow) between 4:00 – 5:00 pm at 203 Davis Hall (Theory Lab). I will give the following talk:

Coding Theory in the Era of Distributed Storage Systems
The problem of designing error-correcting codes for Distributed Storage Systems has received a lot of attention lately. The focus of this talk will be two broad topics that cover a good subset of the literature in this area:
1. Codes with Local Repair Property: I will start with the idea of ‘Locality’ and talk about the progress in this area with recent results by Gopalan et al.
2. Codes with Exact Repair Property: I will start by motivating the idea of ‘Exact Repair’ followed by describing recent results in this area by Ye-Barg and Guruswami et al.
I will also present simple constructions in both the regimes. The first few minutes of the talk will be an introduction to Coding Theory in general.