Winter Camp 2014 – Selected Students List


We have finally come up with the selection list for the Winter Camp 2014.

Selection Criteria –

1. Topcoder Rating of 900+ and should have attended at least 10 SRMs.

2. Codeforces Rating of 1600+ and should have attended at least 15 contests.

Applications who cleared 1 or 2 or both have been selected. The selection list can be found here.

Selected Candidates – The relevant details have been e-mailed to you.

Day Scholars – We have bandwidth to allow a few day scholars. If you can manage your accommodation and food in Bangalore, and interested in attending the camp, kindly drop me an e-mail at A filtering will be done based on the number of responses.





6 thoughts on “Winter Camp 2014 – Selected Students List

    1. Its easier to get higher ratings in TC and CF in a few matches. But maintaining the ratings over time needs consistent participation and improvement. That’s why the need for limitation on number of matches.

      1. The camp dates are already in my previous blog post. There will be contests every day in the camp and there will be lectures on different topics. Once the schedule is ready, it will be shared with the selected students.

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