Winter Camp 2014 – Coding all the way :)

Are you crazy about programming contests?

Do you like to code all day in a focussed environment?

Want to know how your peers are doing and take a leaf out of their book, and improve?

Feel you are saturated and to move forward, you need to learn new topics?

If your answer to all the above questions is yes, Winter Camp 2014 is here for you. The aim is to bring together interested students under one roof and create a competitive environment amongst them, by throwing challenging problems. What happens then? People start figuring  out the way they learn the best – interacting with peers, reading up solutions of others and so on.

Dates – 27 December 2014 to 4 January 2015

Place – Amrita University, Bangalore Campus

Interested in participating? – Please Fill out this form before November 15 9:00 pm IST.

Interested in teaching topics? – Please Fill out this spreadsheet as soon as possible.

We will be getting back to you with more details in the near future.




34 thoughts on “Winter Camp 2014 – Coding all the way :)

    1. The selection criteria will be mostly based on consistent participation in recent contest and performance. All the participants will come under one roof.

  1. Its a very nice idea…but you should bring it into light to students all over India by making your activities online…so that all students may get involved.Seeing your lectures and doing your homework..they will be more into it.

    1. The problems will be public so that people can participate remotely as well. Video recording the lectures is not a very easy task. We have been trying to do it over the last two years but some or the other hurdle comes up.

  2. If someone is not selected, and if he can manage accommodation outside the campus. Will he be allowed in camp?

  3. I screwed up my codechef long contest rank by making only 1 submission during the October long contest. Would that hamper my chances to get selected ? Can I remove my codechef account from the form ?

  4. Hi,
    Can you postpone the date of camp to 31st Dec as VTU end exam will be there till 30th Dec.

  5. I am really excited to come but i have my vtu exams
    If u guys could postpone it then i will b thankful to u
    My friends are also interestd but they also have the same reason

  6. I really want to attend the camp but i have my exams till 30th dec 2014, and i think many engineering colleges in bangalore have the same. So is it somehow possible to shift the dates even last year i tried but was not able to get through.
    Please help me out.

    1. Sorry about that. We find the time after regionals as the best time to organize this camp. Else, it usually becomes very hard to bring all the coders into one roof.

  7. Can you please post this link on Codechef Discuss or similar places. Hopefully there are a lot of guys like me who are interested about the Coding Camp but unable to find this post .

    I also have one more query. Is is possible to start the event 1 or 2 days prior ? This is because if I get the opportunity to participate in the camp, I will not be able to attend the entire event, as I have to leave early for my coll ( on 3rd Jan ).

    Thank you.

    1. The link is on my FB page as well. And it is on an answer in Quora as well. I can post it on Codechef Discuss. Sadly, the dates if changed go through a series of changes, which is difficult. So, dates won’t change. Sorry about that.

  8. I want to request the organizers to start this camp 2-3 days before 27 December. Because till 5th Jan most of the colleges will be open and we have to go back to register for next semester. So if the camp starts 2-3 days early we’ll be able to register on time.

  9. I would like to participate but the registration date seems to have ended is there any way for me to register? Thank you

    1. Is this a comment or an order? 😛 See, the number of day scholars depends on how many selected students(with accommodation) drop out. They need at least two weeks to decide their choice. I will publish the day scholars list along with the selection criteria once I hear back from all the first set of selected candidates.

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